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Sponsoring a Hive


Sponsoring a hive is easy to do and provides your company with a way to help connect with nature, impacting everyone around you!


Many people want to support beekeepers but do not want to become one.  Help local beekeepers continue their important work for our community


Honey bees pollinate many plants that humans use, as well as other animals  through the ecosystem in the environment.  This truly is a small world and requires us all to help maintain our environment's health!


We will send you photos, video updates and stories about the bee hives so you can share with your customers how you are helping to impact our world!


-Many people understand how important honey bees and other pollinators are to us but not everyone wants to be a beekeeper.  You can sponsor a bee hive and it is easy to do.  (minimum sponsorship is 2 hives)

- Your company's logo will be applied to each sponsored hive  


-I will maintain the hives for you.  You will receive bi-weekly reports on the health of your hive during the active season.  I will provide pictures and other information you desire.  You will receive 4 lbs of honey yearly from your sponsored hive *.  You will be apart of an award winning Apiary!  



-All hives are maintained according to Certified Naturally Grown Standards.  We have been CNG certified since 2011.  

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